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sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2012


ABSTRACT The research on the major doctrines that undermine the foundation of the Christian Church Post-modern is of fundamental importance by giving misleading teachings that are being introduced in the gospel being preached in Christian churches of today. What is intended with this work in the broad sense, is to expose the need to return to preaching a gospel based on genuine biblical truths. And in the strict sense, are expected to demonstrate in front of the biblical view that the doctrines which complain today in the Post-modern Christian Church against the biblical teaching and therefore ruin the foundations of the Christian church, and lead the Christian to rely on principles that can not so strong in faith, for not being the firm foundation of the church of Christ. Finally, aims to study the precepts disseminated by such doctrines, and examine aspects not consistent with biblical teaching. It then verify the relevance of the topic addressed and explain the doctrines most widespread in the Christian church of today, considering its social impact and the need for their rebuttal, as the Bible calls the doctrine. Keywords: Emerging Church. Doctrine. Open theism. Positive Confession. Self-Help.

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